The Reluctant Sacrifice: 5 out of 5 stars

I received this for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I’m just going to leave these 5 stars here…


Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope…

If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith. Aubrey Shaw is that child, but dying for the exiles is not on her to-do list. Using her gift as a Jumper, Aubrey leaps between bodies to escape relentless shape-shifting hunters. Only, shedding her skin is not enough. Not when Joshua, her best-friend-turned-hunter, is hell-bent on dragging her to the altar.

Will Aubrey’s love for Joshua change his mind?

Or, will she have to trust the scarred stranger who shows up out of the blue cloaked in lies and secrets? Doing so means giving up on Joshua. But betting on Joshua’s love could do more than break her heart.

It could kill her.


This may be the best thing I have requested off NetGalley so far.

There are so many things about this book that I want rave about but I can’t contain my thoughts. This book starts right in the thick of it and sets the best tone for the rest of the book as everything is go-go-go from the beginning. I felt my heart skip a beat a few times when I thought shit was about to hit the fan because the writing is that captivating.

Aubrey has such depth which makes her a great main character. Her relationship with Tessa is so sweet and their banter is reminiscent of relationships you have with friends you’ve known for a long time – I’m talking about witty comebacks and boy shaming. I also really respected Dempster including an out of the norm love triangle featuring Joshua and Coy since being caught up on your first love is so relatable.

Even though Joshua and Morgan were basically the worst, I found that they really were great characters whose actions made the story all that more compelling.

Special mention goes out to Coy who I fell in love with and is a character who is compassionate, smart, sexy and badass – I know I am not the only one who is praising him for being a boss.

The paranormal overtones were really easy to follow and also just super cool. I was wondering how the ending was going to wrap up and whilst it didn’t happen how I thought, I was not disappointed at all.

Be sure to check out other reviews on Goodreads and add this to your TBR – you won’t be disappointed.


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