The Affair: 4 out of 5 stars

The Evolution of Sin book 1

I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

**Contains spoilers – read with caution**

Every description of Sin had me like:

Note that there are explicit sex scenes


Is a week of passion enough to warrant changing their lives forever?

Italian born Giselle Moore is reinventing herself for the second time in her short twenty-four years of life, trading in her bohemian artist’s life in Paris for the grit and glamour of New York City where the family she hasn’t seen in years awaits her. But before beginning her new life, she travels to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico searching for a week of relaxation and reprieve before barreling into her turbulent future.

She never expected to meet the handsome and enigmatic Frenchman Sinclair on the plane and she certainly never would have imagined herself accepting his proposal for a weeklong, no-strings-attached affair.

Giselle has never experienced anything as heady as Sinclair’s controlled seduction and cool yet devastatingly erotic commands and she finds herself powerless to stop the ferocity of their passions, even when she discovers he has a partner back home. The last thing she needs in her life is another complication, yet as the week wears on, she finds it surprisingly easy to relinquish control to Sinclair, a man she knows nearly nothing about. And to her horror, the one thing she promised never to submit, her battered heart, is just as easily captured in the business mogul’s unyielding hands.


There are so many gifs from that infamous Crazy Stupid Love scene to describe Elle and Sin’s chemistry and I plan on using as many as I can in this review because…why not?

It always starts with two strangers on a plane: one, a handsome mysterious stranger and the other, an innocent young women looking to find herself. Unlike other erotica novels I’ve read that start like this, The Affair is not contrived and the connection between the two characters doesn’t come across as corny.

We learn pretty quickly that Sinclair has a girlfriend and is interested in sharing nothing more than a seven day affair with our soulful artist. I think the way Darling handles the concept of an affair is really interested and I never felt that she was trying to be judgemental or degrading in her descriptions of the characters emotions and physical desires.

It isn’t long before Elle trusts Sin with her body and her emotions and she agrees to his proposition of a week long affair with no strings attached and no personal information. Of course there are rules that come along with this but it isn’t long before Sin ditches his macho behaviour and finds that he really enjoys the company of Elle – goodbye rules, hello romance!

By the end of this book, the dynamic between Sin and Elle changes from a casual affair to one of admirable affection. Sin starts off as a very masculine guy who holds his cards very close to his chest and Elle is obviously trying to escape something that she hasn’t been dealing with.

After Sin basically beats the shit out of a guy that forces himself on Elle, the two share some tender moments that allow the reader to reevaluate their relationship on their behalf. Of course this technically means that the book ends on a sort of cliffhanger with a sexy twist.

Quick mention goes to all the supporting characters in this book who both encourage and try to dissuade the relationship between Sin and Elle. Each character added to the story perfectly and I think as far as supporting characters go in a novel of this genre, their individual personalities allowed the relationship between these two to flourish even more.

I can’t wait to continue on with the next book so I will be keeping my eye out for that. I desperately want to know:

*what happens now the vacation is over?

*will Sin ditch his girlfriend?

*will the two meet up in another place and continue their affair?

*will Sin finally admit that he loves Elle


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