[Chat] Gilmore Girls Revival


This is my most anticipated watch of the year.

So I know this isn’t a book, but Rory reads so it counts right?

**Thanks Donna for making me realise that this may contain spoilers depending on how much of the show you’ve seen to date**

A few days ago they announced the official poster for the revival and I AM SO EXCITED! Gilmore Girls is still one of my all time favourite shows and I have watched my DVD box sets to death – many marathons with my girlfriends have been had after some tough break ups, bad work weeks or just as an excuse to catch up.

I can’t wait to see what they do with this. Fuller House is the only revival I’ve seen and while the critics panned it, I really enjoyed it. I love that Netflix gives shows like these a second chance and as they are technically made for the fans, the little easter eggs scattered throughout make the journey all the more enjoyable.


Here’s what I need to know:

 Luke and Lorelai  

Are Luke and Lorelai getting it on? I don’t know if I’ve ever wanted a happy ending more than I want this one. Watching Luke pine for Lorelai throughout the series while she dated a number of losers (Max not  included because I did like him) was so frustrating and heartbreaking that when the kiss finally happened, my mum and I were jumping for joy. I would also love to see Luke as a dad so hopefully some cute babies pop up somewhere.

                jess-rory-hug-gilmore-girls-6515  jess-rory-kiss-gilmore-girls-6515

Will Jess and Rory get a second chance? Remember when he sorted his life out and came back for her and she said no? Yeah i’ve been holding on to the hope that Rory will realise her mistake and they will get a happy ending. Jess has long been my favourite boyfriend for Rory – yes early on it was because he had that bad boy swag, but Jess and Rory also matched intellectually and I think he made her into a more well rounded person.

                 Richard Gilmore  

What will happen with Emily now that Richard is gone? #RIPEdwardHerrmann With the sad passing of actor Edward Herrmann, I’m interested to see what the show has in store for Emily. Richard and Emily have long been one of my favourite on screen couples and the way they balance each other is a credit to not only the characters, but the actors themselves. I hope his absence is explained and I hope Emily is off trying to discover new things.

And where the hell is everyone else?





 Lane Kim 


 What do you think of the title? Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? What are you most excited to find out? So. Many. Questions.



18 thoughts on “[Chat] Gilmore Girls Revival

  1. Donna says:

    I scrolled quickly through your post because I’ve only started watching Gilmore Girls a couple of weeks ago and I’m only halfway through the first season, I did not want to be spoiled important stuff! I’m really excited because I have looots of episodes to see, and the revival promises me even more good times!

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  2. Michael J. Miller says:

    You’re SO right. Jesse was always the best choice for Rory – he was the only one who could match her intellect and conversation. Also, if Luke and Lorelai aren’t together I’ll never forgive the showrunners specifically or television in general! This post has made me excited all over again! As Turk said on ‘Scrubs,’ “Mothers and daughters…they speak so fast but they speak so true!”

    Liked by 1 person

      • Michael J. Miller says:

        If ONLY. I honestly think ‘Gilmore Girls’ was the smartest show ever on TV. It was so heartwarming and funny and fun – but the dialogue was so intelligent! They could jump from referencing 80’s pop music to Albert Camus in a second!

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  3. Simple Bliss says:

    I can’t wait for the revival! I’m a huge Gilmore Girl fan as well and have had many, many marathons. My niece and I used to watch it together all the time. While I did like Dean, I have to agree that Jess is probably the best match for Rory. He is smart, loves books, but he also has that bad boy persona. Gives it a little bit of an edge. I also want to know what happens between Lorelai and Luke! This revival will be a must watch for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mrenee says:

      I feel like I’m counting down the days till it comes! Can’t wait to find out what has happened to everyone. I know that with the original creators back running the show that it is just going to be fantastic!


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