[Chat] The Return of the Reading Slump


Oh reading slumps, they plague us all every once and awhile – I’m actually in one right now. Mine usually last for about two weeks and seem to come out of nowhere. It feels like one minute I’m finishing a fantastic book and I’m about to start another, and the next thing I know I’m dragging around a book I don’t want to read everyday.

I’ve come to realise that the worst thing I can do is jump on Goodreads and scroll through book reviews because watching other people power through books just makes me feel like I’m not achieving something, and it’s that mentality that makes reading stop being fun.

Here is a general day-by-day account of how my reading slumps tend to go:

Day 1: I’m going to dominate this book

Day 2: I have too much of a headache to read, better listen to music for an hour instead

Day 3: Google pictures of cats in space

Day 4: New movies on Netflix? Definitely need to binge watch three


Day 6: I think today is the day I make it past that Candy Crush level

Day 7: Google pictures of guys with man buns

Day 8: Pick up a new book and make it one chapter in

Day 9: Watch Buzzfeed videos

Day 10: Watch Buzzfeed videos

Day 11: Be artistic as fuck in my under the sea adult colouring book

Day 12: Google pictures of dogs with eyebrows

Day 13: Pick up a cheesy romance novel

Day 14: I CAN READ!

When I was thinking about writing this post I no joke realised that I have done these exact things through my last few slumps. I need to get me a new routine.

I had grand plans to smash out The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson this weekend just gone but I’m about 9 days into my slump and I don’t think this is the book to bring me out of it – it’s a big mofo. Off to find some seedy romance novel in the depths of Amazon that I can shamelessly hide away on my kindle.

So tell me, how do you come out of your reading slumps? Do you do any of the same things I do? You know you secretly love a man bun.


12 thoughts on “[Chat] The Return of the Reading Slump

  1. charleighsbooknook says:

    I think my reading slump goes pretty similar to yours! Especially the googling of random animals :’)

    I also seem to get lost in the depths of youtube and by the time I look at the time, it’s gone 2am and I need to sleep haha xx


  2. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

    Reading slumps are the worst! I was in almost two year long one, but then was thankfully pulled out of it by reading Illuminae 🙂 I still get in mini ones all the time though because I have no attention span, haha. I tend to get out of mine by binge-reading comics or graphic novels and watching BookTube videos.

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  3. Donna says:

    Goodreads when on a slump is a terrible idea! Stay away!! I’ve got Day 4 on repeat when it happens to me. I always go back to my Stephanie Plum series to get me out of those stupid slumps.

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