Strum Your Heart Out: 3.5 Stars out of 5

Sinful Serenade book 2

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**Contains minor character spoilers**

When your best friend is a hot musician

Note: Contains explicit sex scenes


Moving in with your sexy, tattooed rock star best friend? No problem. Not if you’re ready to give up eating, breathing, and sleeping…

College senior Kara Kendrick is not about to let lust ruin a good friendship. Yes, her rock star guitarist best friend Drew Denton is stubborn, guarded, and quick to threaten violence on anyone who hurts her. He’s also trustworthy, protective, and several degrees hotter than the sun. When Kara gets kicked out of her apartment, Drew insists she move in with him. But her crush isn’t quite so manageable with him sweating through his push-ups. Or stepping out of the shower clad in only a towel. Or tackling her on the bed, tickling her to make her confess.

There’s no way they can be together. Not if she wants to keep her secrets. No matter how much her body begs her to throw herself on his bed, no matter how desperately she wants to rip off his v-neck and rake her hands over his defined torso, Kara is staying just friends with Drew. Until she’s not. Until they’re kissing and touching and about to do something that will change their friendship forever.


I’m just going to start by saying that this isn’t a YA novel so if you aren’t interested in books with more mature scenes, then this won’t be a book for you.

The first book Sing Your Heart Out helped drag me out of a reading slump so I of course jumped at the chance to read the next one. This book follows Kara and Drew who make brief appearances in the first book given Kara is best friends with Meg and Drew plays in the band Sinful Serenade with Miles.

Kara: Get it girl! I really liked Kara after she popped up in book 1. She has a lot of heart and a no bullshit attitude. It was great to see her interacting with Meg in this book as she constantly quizzed Kara about her relationship – this is a clear role reversal from book 1. Kara harbours a secret that affects her self esteem when it comes to mean. Watching her navigate her relationship with Drew in spite of her issues was equally heartbreaking and liberating and I found myself rooting for her much needed confidence boost…which Drew gives her over and over (and over) again. You get where I’m going.

Drew: What is with all these sexy and sweet sex-god musicians? Drew is a great guy with a tragic family past. His relationship with Kara as best friends is really fun and light hearted however after they move in together and are forced to work through their feelings, we get to see a new side to Drew. It is very obvious that he loves this girl and wants nothing but for her to be happy and content with herself and I couldn’t help but swoon at the little dates he plans for her to help with her self confidence.

I didn’t enjoy this as much as Sing Your Heart Out because I was really hooked on Meg and Miles but I do love Kara and Drew as a match and thought their journey was far more tender. This has all the parts that make up a great book of this genre and it definitely wasn’t lacking in humour, romance, family and sex – though at time it did feel like the sex scenes were more frequent than the plot. Each to their own.

Even though this is book 2 in the Sinful Serenade series, it is a standalone novel with its own ending.


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