Feel Me Break: 3 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book for free from the author Tara R. in exchange for an honest review

Two strangers meet on a bridge…infatuation ensues.


Chloe Reed and Nick Grayson couldn’t have more different lives. Where Chloe had a bleak future and was trying to deal with a loss that had left a hole in her heart, Nick was a happy-go-lucky guy, leading a carefree life with a path set.

Until one fateful night, they met and everything changed. The night that gave Chloe hope for the future, left Nick scarred for life. Was their meeting a one-off tryst or was their story just beginning?


This is a very short 70 page novella that sees our main girl Chloe dealing with the aftermath of a tragic family situation. Chloe meets Nick on a bridge in the middle of nowhere and after a few seconds of being in each other’s presence, they form a deep connection that spans years. I think maybe I’m the wrong person to read this because I personally don’t believe in love at first sight and therefore these instalove connections are highly unrealistic to me.

“Do you ever feel like stopping time? Like the world around you stops for a few minutes, but you keep going…it would be so much easier to breathe.”

I just want to take a minute to say that the dad’s in this book are complete assholes. Both of them are selfish and act like their children are nothing more than burdens. I feel for Chloe because it is very obvious she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Nick unfortunately is involved in a horrendous accident that plays on his mind throughout the rest of the book.

As this is so short, it’s hard to form a cohesive opinion because while there definitely was a part of me that couldn’t understand their feelings for one another, the other part of me couldn’t stop reading it to find out where they ended up. I’m torn. This explores the idea of fate and the cliffhanger ending leaves the story open for another meeting. I understand this is a novella but I think it would’ve been great to have the story be a little longer so Chloe and Nick’s relationship could be expanded on and therefore make their connection a little more plausible to me.

Even though this novella wasn’t for me, I definitely see the potential and will be picking up the full length story to see how Chloe and Nick’s story wraps up.


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