[Chat] Reading Jams



A short and sweet post for today

Get it, get it, get it girl…I wish I danced as good as this guy.

This used to be a page on my blog but I realised that was completely unnecessary so now I’ve turned it into an obnoxious blog post where I can force my musical tastes on all you lovely people.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled reading in the quiet because my mind wanders off the page and I get lost in thought. I also catch the train to and from work everyday so it’s a great way for me to drown out the passive aggressive fights between couples and teens packing on the PDA and focus on my book. My Spotify is full of ridiculously named playlists, but my most used ones for reading are not the ones I’ve created myself, but rather the preset ones populated with sweet beats.

Two of my all time fave playlists are below and Spotify updates these on the regular so there is always new music.

Entering the chilled zone– best songs to listen to when you need to read, cry, bake a cake, babysit some kids, visit the pet store, do yoga, paint your nails, sleep

90s RnB is my life – best songs to listen to when you need to read, party, get dressed, do your groceries, have a private lip sync battle, do housework, shower, strut your stuff, sleep

Do you like to listen to music while you read? What are some of your favourite songs? I’m not so subtly trying to find recommendations 🙂


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