The Legend of the Wandering King: 5 out of 5 stars

Translated fiction at its finest

This was originally written in Spanish and translated to English. 


A prince with more power than heart … a poet who may be mad … and a carpet containing all of human history combine in this brilliant new fantasy by one of Spain’s brightest young writers.

Walid was a model prince: handsome, intelligent, skilled in the arts of warfare and poetry. But the kingdom boasted one greater poet than he, and out of jealousy Walid cursed the man to create an impossible work of art: a carpet showing the history of the entire human race. The poet died weaving it. Men went mad seeing it. And when it is stolen, Walid discovers his life’s quest: to recover the carpet and earn forgiveness for his mistakes. Inspired by the story of a real king of pre-Muslim Arabia, LEGEND is a magical fantasy, a meditation on destiny, and an utterly thrilling adventure.


Such an underrated book but so worth the read. 

I picked up a hardback copy of this book from a yearly charity book sale because I thought the cover was beautiful – little did I know that the story inside would transcend everything. I think this may be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Let me say it one more time…I loved everything about this.

The Legend of the Wandering King reads like a fairy tale and I found this is one of those books that teaches an important moral lesson without feeling preachy.

This tells the story of a cruel Prince named Walid and a humble man named Hammad. Both these characters are shrouded in sorrow and while Walid uses his pain to reprimand anyone he considers a threat, Hammad uses his pain to try and better the life of his family and his community. He inadvertently teaches the young Prince a lesson in humility but since Walid is fuelled by his ego and his desire to reign supreme, it takes him many years of hardship to realise that the old man was the true embodiment of grace.

The redemption story didn’t feel trying or overdone and Walid’s journey was absolutely beautiful. Reading about Hammad’s sincerity despite his circumstance was heartwarming and I loved how his poetry and his work forever changed the way Walid would lead his life. I have never read a book set in Pre-Islamic Arabia and I was stunned at how desolate yet captivating this world was.

It appears to be a hard to come by book but if you do see it, I implore you to pick it up and allow it to feed your soul – I know that’s a bit hippy dippy, but I stand by it.


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Side note: Someone is trying to sell the paperback for $2,000 which is absurd. I liked it, but I didn’t like it that much.


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