[Chat] I Said Good Day: Book Unhaul


To quote the world’s greatest poets…

“Bye Bye Bye” – NSYNC (circa 2000)

About once or twice a year, I stare at my bookshelves for half an hour before making the painstaking decision to cull some of my books. It’s hard and sometimes heartbreaking, but in the end there is something so cathartic about unhauling books you know you aren’t going to read.

This weekend I managed to get rid of about 30 books by dropping them off at our local hospice. Most of these were books I’d seen people raving about and therefore purchased, some were sale items I bought on a whim and some were parts of series I always told myself I would read but I never have.

The 5th Wave How I Live Now The Measure of a Man
The Vampire Academy Malinche A Visit From the Goon Squad
We Were Liars The Wrath and the Dawn Fifty Shades of Grey
Water for Elephants Every Day Fifty Shades Freed
The Manticore Conversion We Need To Talk About Kevin
Truthwitch If I Stay Catch-22
Red Queen The Geography of Me & You Through To You
Twilight Girl With The Dragan Tattoo Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares
Life of Pi Pride & Prejudice The Bed Wetter
Eat Pray Love Half Bad Just One Day
Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone The Poisonwood Bible I know This Much Is True

It’s nice to have a free shelf, but I know it won’t be too long until I’ve filled it up again. I’m trying to be better and tell myself that I can only buy a new book if I read a few of my unread ones first, but whether or not that sticks is just something we’ll have to see.

Do you actively unhaul your bookshelves? Have you read any of these?

14 thoughts on “[Chat] I Said Good Day: Book Unhaul

  1. Lauren Busser says:

    I haven’t read any of these but I do try to unhook my bookshelves. I did it once about a year ago and then immediately purchased a million new books. (Okay not a million.) It also didn’t help that a used bookstore was going out of business and I could purchase books by the giant bag for about $20. I think I fit like 25 books in there. Time to get reading.

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      • Lauren Busser says:

        Oh I am fighting for control over myself, in about two weeks there another massive book sale in town to benefit the public library. I am tempted to go but at the same time I have NetGalley, and a couple of legit ARCs, and a giant pile of books I purchased because…you know…support your independent bookseller. Hello my name is Lauren and I am a hopeless book hoarder.

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      • Lauren Busser says:

        I know! Where is Hermione Granger’s time turner when you need it? Wait, that wouldn’t work would it? Two versions of you reading two different books. Would you retain the information? Hermione must have her third year. 😛

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  2. Betty says:

    I need to clear a lot of books off my shelves, too. I need the space… and there are so many I know I’ll never read. But it’s SUCH a big job, I hate getting started.

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