Where to Find Me


Hello lovely people, hope you are well today!

It is officially Friday here in NZ and I have the day off work but instead of venturing out in the cold to explore the world, I’m curled up on the couch with my cat and some Gilmore Girls. Today is the day I’m going to finally catch up on all those reviews I’ve been meaning to get to but first, I thought it might be cool to let you know where you can find me.

I love that there are so many avenues where we can interact with each other and if you are so inclined, check me out on the below. In addition to these, I also have an instagram account set up for my blog but I’m still deciding when/if I’m going to use it – not sure I’m creative enough for a bookstagram 🙂

Be sure to leave me links to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other place I can find you and I’ll be sure to give you a follow.

Side note: Anyone doing anything exciting for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Where to Find Me

  1. Donna says:

    I tried to keep up with bookstagram but my pictures are terrible and I don’t have a theme or props to make things prettier, so now I’m only posting once in a while.
    I’m already following you on twitter, I’ll add Goodreads too!
    This weekend is going to be slow. I’m planning on reading The Song of Achilles, and relax a little 🙂

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