[TBR] What I’m Reading In August…Maybe

TRAVEL (7).png

Why drag this out? Let’s get going.

July – what I wanted to read:


At the end of June I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to read. Then came the beginning of July and that immediately went out the window. I only ended up completing two off my list.

July- what I did read:

I somehow managed to read a total of 15 books and make my way part through one other.

August TBR:

Plan to read:


  • And I Darken
  • Illuminae
  • My Lady Jane
  • Saving Jazz – Fremantle Press physical ARC
  • Stealing Snow – Bloomsbury Publishing Plc/NetGalley e-ARC
  • The Edge of Everything – Bloomsbury Publishing Plc/NetGalley e-ARC

I also have a couple of ARCs I plan on reading that have been sent to me by some lovely authors.

What are you hoping to tackle in August?

12 thoughts on “[TBR] What I’m Reading In August…Maybe

  1. Donna says:

    All is not forgotten is on my TBR for late August, I really hope to get enough time to finally read it. I was told Smut is a great book, I’ve added to my wish list but I am keeping it for a cold winter night, haha. I am definitely reading The Fire Child and The Dream Thieves, but I don’t know about my other books, I pick them according to my mood so it is very unpredictable!

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