[Review] Sinful Ever After


I received a copy of this book for free from the author for exchange for an honest review.

Sinful Serenade book 5 – read my reviews of book 1, 2, 3 & 4

Quick fire review:

The gang’s all here! These are short novellas that round up the four couples stories. I loved everything about this book and am so happy that Crystal Kaswell gave her readers a chance to revisit all of these characters.


The men of Sinful Serenade may have found women who complete them, but love isn’t always enough to make things last. Can Miles, Drew, Tom, and Pete make forever a reality? Or will the fans, the fame, and the grueling tour schedule prove too trying for marriage and family?

Sinful Ever After is a sequel to the best-selling Sinful Serenade series. This book features four novellas– one for each couple– that follow the men of Sinful Serenade and the women they love figuring out marriage, family, and all matters of happily ever after. It is not a standalone.



This is going to be a teeny-tiny review.

If you were around when I marathoned the first 4 books, then you know that I was obsessed with these and fell madly in love with all of these bad boys. I mean, how can you not?

Miles, Drew, Tom and Pete  (the dream team) are still sexy as hell and the girls as witty and vibrant as ever. All of the steamy sex scenes, the romantic gestures and the rock star moves that were present in the first few books are well and alive here and make for a fantastic fast paced read.

As these are written as short novellas, I’m not going to break down each couple’s story because I would end up revealing every little plot detail, but just know that Sinful Ever After wraps up these couples stories in the perfect way. From pregnancies to weddings and major family drama, Kaswell intertwines each individual life changing storyline with those of the other couples to prove in the end just how strong these relationships are. True love and all the jazz.



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