[Chat] How do you read?


I seem to be developing a habit of writing posts in the early hours of the morning on a work night. Who needs sleep right?

My workmates and I somehow stumbled out of a conversation about animals wearing clothes into how we read books the other day and it was interesting to hear some different opinions. So, since I couldn’t come up with a topic for this week I thought it might be cool to see what you all thought about using an e-reader vs. reading paperbacks/hardbacks.

~~ E-Books ~~


What my workmates said:

  • Doesn’t feel like real reading
  • Part of what they enjoy about reading is detaching from their devices
  • Don’t know how to purchase an e-book
  • Love that they can read dodgy erotica books without anyone knowing

How I feel:

I had never read an e-book until a few years ago when I was about to get ready to go to Thailand and realised I needed something to read. Trekking around with a bag full of books was not an option so I finally caved and purchased a Kindle reader. This decision changed my reading life for the better.

I’ve stopped using my actual Kindle now because the battery life was awful, but I do have the Kindle app on my tablet and use it almost every day. What I love about having the app on my tablet is ease of use. Maybe it is just me being lazy, but I find it so much more convenient for me to be able to listen to my music and read on one device. I also have to give mad props to Amazon for making e-books so affordable. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a book for more than $10 on the Kindle and it serves my binge buying habits well. I also really like being able to add audio to some of my books for when I’m on long train rides or I’m cleaning the house.

Where I buy e-books:


~~ Physical Books ~~


What my workmates said:

  • Expensive
  • Easier to read and track progress
  • Look nice on a bookshelf
  • Great to be able to swap books with other people
  • Sometimes it is nice to look pretentious AF when everyone can see you reading a book that is huuuuuuge

How I feel:

I mean we all love physical books and dream of having our own little libraries and I can’t deny that I love picking up a beautiful cover and adding it to my shelf. However, I don’t always think physical books are practical for the budget conscious reader. If you can hit up a second hand bookstore or find some good deals then absolutely, buy books to your hearts content, but I find mainstream bookstores to be way over priced and therefore hardly purchase from them.

What I like about having a proper book in my hand is that flipping through pages helps me get into a nice rhythm. A paperback book may take me 2 days to read but its Kindle counterpart may take 4 or 5. If I’m trying to read a lot of books in a month, I will always try and pick books I already own physical copies of so I can power through them. I also secretly like having people see what I’m reading. I don’t know why, but I do.

Finally, libraries! I am a big fan of the library because 1) free books, and 2) I enjoy discovering books I’ve never heard of. The library is a great resource for book lovers and I hope each and everyone of you makes it to the library as often as you can.

Where I buy physical books:

Book Depository

Smartsell on Fishpond (NZ) – these are second hand copies of books where you can get a bundle for $10, $15 etc.

So tell me, what are your thoughts?


18 thoughts on “[Chat] How do you read?

  1. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    I love both. But I prefer e-books. Simply because it’s easier to carry all my books in one light weight device, and they are definitely less expensive. I love hardbacks and paperbacks to put on my bookshelf, though. 🙂

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  2. Anne says:

    I actually read faster on my Kindle compared to a physical book. I hate ereaders with a sheer passion until my hubby bought me one and I noticed how much faster I read and hier easy it is to get cheap books that would’ve cost a fortune in its physical equivalent. That said, there’s still nothing better than a nice hefty hardcopy 😁

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  3. Ishita says:

    Most of the books I have (e-books and physical copies) are borrowed from libraries, won in giveaways and received as part of blog tours.
    I love physical books but don’t buy them due to cost+space+probability-of-shifting-apartment/city/country-anytime reasons .

    Over the past year, I have found reading on my Kindle more comfortable than physical copies because of the differences in lighting between India and US. I am used to the bright white lighting (tubelights) and not yellow lamp shade lights (I get a headache if I read under the latter). The only place where there is white lighting is in the kitchen section and it is kind of irritating and restrictive to always drag a chair to one corner of your home so that you can read. But, I do try to as much as possible, because I don’t to lose the habit of reading from a hardcover or paperback.


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