[Haul] I spent some money

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Life update: I have no money

I don’t purchase physical books too often because they tend to not fit into my budget but recently, I’ve managed to stretch my dollar a little and pick up some new reads. I am swimming in books at the moment thanks to some Book Depository purchases that arrived, my first Fairy Loot box showing up on my doorstep and our local annual charity bookarama.

◊◊ Book Depository ◊◊

I personally find that the UK covers of books tend to draw my eye so I enjoy picking up books off this site. As an added bonus, there is free delivery worldwide so it’s nice to know you aren’t going to get stung when you hit the checkout. Recently a few books I’ve been eyeing up were discounted so I thought it was about time I added them to my shelf. These took about 3 weeks to get to NZ and I’m really excited to dive into them.

      ◊◊ Bookarama ◊◊

I’ve been attending the Howick RSA annual bookarama here in Auckland for the last few years and each year I come home with more and more books. Some of them are gems, some of them are shit, and a large chunk of them end up back at a secondhand store because in my eagerness to buy all the books, I’ve picked up things I won’t read.

This year though, I went with a game plan. I only took $20 cash and a small tote bag that I couldn’t overfill. I also set myself a timer and kicked myself out after an hour. It was a pretty successful trip and I walked out with 9 books I’m quite eager to read.

◊◊ Fairy Loot ◊◊

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Since the Fairy Loot box was for September I’m not going to mention what it is incase anyone is still waiting for their box to arrive but it is a book I’d read an ARC of and quite enjoyed so I was happy to pop this on my shelf. If you do want to see some spoilers, you can check out #fairyloot on Instagram.

Have you read any of these books? What is your latest purchase? Love to hear your thoughts.