[Review] When Stars Collide

30130144I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book 2 in the Light in the Dark series

Quick fire review:

Ugh, this was just as gooey and great as I hoped it would be! I loved Xander and Thea and their chemistry was off the charts. Shout out to Cade for being a great big brother and a grounding force. There is some family drama and some big life changes thrown in the mix that gave this some nice depth. I would recommend picking this up if you love a cute and quick romance read.


Waking up in Vegas married to the guy of your dreams sounds like a good thing, right? Not when you’re Thea Montgomery and said guy is your brother’s best friend. Thea and Xander have always avoided the connection between them because her brother would never approve. Now, they’re married— the strongest bond you can have as a couple—and they’re not even a real couple…unless they want to be.

Thea wants an annulment immediately, but Xander’s waited too long to see her become his and he won’t let her go easily. If she wants a divorce, fine, but he wants the summer to convince her that he’s the one. If at the end of the summer she still wants to end their marriage he’ll sign the papers, but until then…

All is not fair in love and war.



So I clearly did not do my research because I was unaware that this was book 2 in a series. Luckily, this can be read as a standalone and I loved it for everything it was.

Thea and Xander have been friends for years. They are best friends. Along with her brother Cade they are a perfect threesome. That is until Thea and Xander have a drunken night in Vegas and wake up married. Yup, it is one of those stories.

Thea is loveable, smart, witty and as loyal as they come. As a main character she is developed just well enough to hold her own throughout the story.  What I liked about Thea is that instead of dragging out the will-they-won’t-they portion of her story line, she decides to dive head first in to a relationship with a man she’s always loved.

Xander is the kind of guy that becomes your book boyfriend. He is smart, loyal, strong, ripped to fuck and just a gentle giant. Xander is clearly very much in love with both Thea and her brother Cade and it is obvious that he views them as his family.

“I lean my head against the wall, looking up into his dark eyes. They’ve always looked at me with such…sweetness and maybe the occasional hint of lust or desire, but right now, he looks at me like I’m the answer to every questions he’s ever had”

I’m not going to sugar coat it – this is as cheesy, predictable and gooey as many new adult novels are but with some great characters and family drama thrown in the mix, you can’t help but be swept up in this love story.


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