[Review] Millie Hardiman and the Red Parrot Fever


 I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Quick fire review

This book in 3 points:

1 – The main character is free-spirited and full of heart

2 – Lessons in love, family and friendships are learnt the hard way

3 – A tonne of humorous adventure that is fun for adults and children alike


Millie Hardiman is a thirteen year old from Bognor Regis, with a wild imagination, who dreams of becoming a writer. When Millie’s scriptwriter Dad, Barry, has writer’s block, Millie becomes his muse for the daytime television soap, Double Top.

After her success on Double Top, Millie creates a Sci-Fi, teen drama, The Adventures of Martian Girl. Millie falls in love for the first time with Wolf Van Der Beek, an arrogant, South African child actor.

This is a story about friendship, first love and growing up.



Thanks again to author Eddie Owens for letting me read this book. I really appreciate it and I absolutely loved it!

This is a really quick read that is jam packed with adventure and full of heart.

Millie is a young girl who is funny, sweet, witty and a wild child at her core. Some of her antics had me laughing out loud but I always have this internal instinct to cringe when a character makes someone else uncomfortable. This happened to me a couple of times throughout the book but you can’t help but be swept up in Millie’s adventures and her obvious heart of gold.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Millie and her parents. This dynamic was certainly unique and you can’t help but see her free spirit as a product of the somewhat laidback way she has been bought up. Since Millie is given free reign in most aspects of her life, she faces some tough lessons when it comes to family, love and friendships, all of which make her a stronger and overall a more well-rounded character.

I think this book is perfect for younger middle grade readers but the wit and quirky overtones will have adults laughing along with the kids. If you are looking for a book to read to your own wild child or younger sibling, I would definitely try and get your hands on this.

Side note: After I finished reading this, I let my 11 year old cousin have a go and I haven’t seen her laugh so much over a book. Being a little mischievous herself, she loved Millie and devoured this mini adventure.


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