[Review] Spontaneous

23587115I received a paperback copy of this book via the publisher HarperCollins NZ in exchange for an honest review.

Quick fire review

I’m so into this cover!

When I read the synopsis for this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect because um, it is insane. What transpires is a witty, fun and riotous journey with our lead girl Mara at the helm.

If you are looking for a a lighthearted read that is a little bit different but full of life, then you should definitely give this a go.


Mara Carlyle’s senior year is going as normally as could be expected, until—wa-bam!—fellow senior Katelyn Ogden explodes during third period pre-calc.

Katelyn is the first, but she won’t be the last teenager to blow up without warning or explanation. As the seniors continue to pop like balloons and the national eye turns to Mara’s suburban New Jersey hometown, the FBI rolls in and the search for a reason is on.

Whip-smart and blunt, Mara narrates the end of their world as she knows it while trying to make it to graduation in one piece. It’s an explosive year punctuated by romance, quarantine, lifelong friendship, hallucinogenic mushrooms, bloggers, ice cream trucks, “Snooze Button™,” Bon Jovi, and the filthiest language you’ve ever heard from the President of the United States.



People are exploding…

Image result for what minion gif

I don’t even know where to start with this review because I’m still laughing my ass off at how hilariously outrageous this book is. You have to admit it, it’s a pretty cool concept for a book.

This is by far one of the smartest, wittiest, (and i’ll say it again) funniest books I’ve ever read.

Starmer has crafted this somewhat average setting and populated it with brilliant characters and a super cool premise. This isn’t just a riot for riots sake, it is also a heartwarming journey with senior Mara Carlyle at the helm.

Mara is just your average senior until one of her classmates explodes. That’s right, explodes. Mara is Turkish and because everyone is a tad closed minded, she becomes the primary suspect in the case of the crazy exploding teens. When another classmate accidentally hits their self-destruct button, people start to realise that maybe something else is going on. Um, ya think? Cue Mara and her feisty mouth.

The best part of this book is Mara’s commentary. A young and sharp tongued girl, Mara brilliantly narrates her hometown, her family, her relationships and oh yeah, the fact that everyone is starting to self combust. Everything that comes out of her mouth, from the offensive to the down right inspirational, made her character all the more interesting. If you pick up this book for one reason, let it be her. Starmer has created such a wonderful character that you can’t help but care for from start to finish.

The only reason I dropped this down half a point is because I thought the tone of the book changed a little when the book stopped being about miss independent and turned into what felt like a slow release love story. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice way to break up the tension, but I just felt like it went on a little too long at some points.

If you are looking to read something a little crazy, hilarious and smart to the core, then this is the perfect book for you. I would recommend this to every YA contemporary lover and anyone who is feeling a little jaded by life at the moment and just needs some extra fun!

I’ll be looking into Starmer’s other books for sure.


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2 thoughts on “[Review] Spontaneous

  1. sophiethestark says:

    I think I need this book in my life… The nagging feeling of not knowing what it’s really about is killing me! It’s just such an absurd plot.
    Great review 🙂 Seems to sum up everything I would look forward in a read!


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