[Chat] A Very Arc-Ish-Readathon #AVAReadathon


The lovely Aimal at Bookshelves and Paperbacks, who bought us the wonderful Diversity Spotlight Thursday weekly meme, is back again to help a blogger out with her April Arc-Ish Readathon. The premise is simple: grab your physical or e-ARCs, your favourite snacks, and devour at your own pace said ARCs and snacks.

The readathon is from 12:01 AM (your time) on April 1st to April 30th, 11:59 PM (your time).

Here is why I need this in my life…

I am a self professed NetGalley addict. Ya’ll probably have been around my blog enough to know that have of what I review has come into my hands by some lovely publishers approving my requests and, because I need all the books all the time, I have a tendency to request waaaaaaaaay too many things. #currentlydrowningindembooks

I have also been really lucky to receive some wonderful ARCs from some publishers here in NZ recently and so my TBR has skyrocketed at a rapid pace.

Let me just check my ARC privilege over in the corner for a second and dive into the books I hope to make it through this month. I’ve made what I know is quite an ambitious TBR for me but I really want to give myself options incase my reading mood changes.

My-all going well-readathon wishlist.jpg

Each book I finish this month that is due to be released shortly will receive a full review while others will receive teasers until closer to their release date. I also have some none readathon related books I’ll be reviewing In April as well so keep your eye out for those too.

Will you be participating? Let me know what books you are hoping to get through in April.


2 thoughts on “[Chat] A Very Arc-Ish-Readathon #AVAReadathon

  1. Shruti | This is Lit says:

    I recently went on a requesting spree on NetGalley. I’ve been spending this month knocking books off the list and I’m hoping to be done by mid-April. I don’t know if I’ll join the readathon, though–I have a lot of print books to get back to once the ARCs are done. Happy reading!😊

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