[Review] The Impossible Story of Olive In Love


I received a copy of this book for free via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Quick fire review:

Weird. Witty. Wonderful.

These are just three words I’d use to sum up this book.

With a quirky premise both witty and dynamic characters, this strange little love story somehow works.


A break-out quirky novel that will appeal to readers of Rainbow Rowell.

I get that I’m impossible.

I get that I’m mad and rude — perhaps even a drama queen at times.

But you’d be impossible if you lived my life … You’d be impossible if you were invisible.
Shakespeare was an idiot. Love is not blind. Love is being seen.

Plagued by a gypsy curse that she’ll be invisible to all but her true love, seventeen-year-old Olive is understandably bitter. Her mother is dead; her father has taken off. Her sister, Rose, is insufferably perfect. Her one friend, Felix, is blind and thinks she’s making it all up for attention.

Olive spends her days writing articles for her gossip column and stalking her childhood friend, Jordan, whom she had to abandon when she was ten because Jordan’s parents would no longer tolerate an ‘imaginary friend’. Nobody has seen her — until she meets Tom: the poster boy for normal and the absolute opposite of Olive.

But how do you date a boy who doesn’t know you’re invisible? Worse still, what happens when Mr Right feels wrong? Has destiny screwed up? In typical Olive fashion, the course is set for destruction. And because we’re talking Olive here, the ride is funny, passionate and way, way, way, way dramatic.

This story is for anyone who’s ever felt invisible.

This story is for anyone who sees the possible in the impossible.


3.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve read some not so great reviews for this book on Goodreads but I must’ve picked it up at the right time because I ended up really enjoying it.

The Impossible Story of Olive in Love is quirky AF but has some classic tropes thrown into the mix.

  • The main character is invisible
  • Gypsy curses
  • True love breaks the spell
  • Dysfunctional family

The writing is incredibly addictive and because the premise is so strange, I kept flipping the pages to find out when Olive was going to get her groove back…you know what I mean. Sidenote, don’t get yourself or your family cursed because it sounds hella stressful.

A book is only as strong as its characters and there are some wonderful ones scattered throughout this story that keep you entertained from start to finish.

Born invisible, Olive obviously feels incredibly isolated and frustrated with her situation, but with the help of a straight shooting sister and her blind best friend Felix, she manages to muddle her way through life. I loved her sister. She is a straight-talking, no nonsense girl who added some hilarious drama to every situation.

The story takes a turn when Olive sneaks into a club and meets Tom, the only person who has ever seen her. Cue the whole “true love breaks the spell, fireworks, string quartet” portion of the story. The instalove gooey moments last for a while until reality sets in and their relationship takes a more realistic turn.

Overall a really unique and interesting book. I suggest trying not to overthink the premise because it will take you away from actually enjoying the witty and weird nature of this story. With brilliant writing and a sweet romance, it really is a classic YA story.


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