[Chat] Bookish Hangovers

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I’ll be straight up, I have had my fair share of cocktail and wino related hangovers that left me for dead. I thought this was something only alcohol could give to you. Apparently not.

You guys know what I mean by book hangovers. Its that moment when you finally reach the end of a book that has gripped you and you are either emotionally drained, cursing like a sailor or you have unwittingly become a silent mess thinking WTF is life.

So what has spurred on today’s topic?

Well I was thinking about how ACOWAR by Sarah J. Maas is coming out soon (inhale, exhale) and it had me thinking about the time I devoured ACOMAF and had a mini breakdown alone at home. That book, hands down, has left me with the biggest book hangover of my life. By the end I was angry, curious, excited and just a smorgasbord of every other emotion. #TeamRhysand

Sidenote: When I was looking for an image for this post, I found this awesome article over on Epic Reads about the symptoms of a book hangover that you must check out too. Not now of course, because you’re reading this glorious masterpiece I’ve put together.


So, lets stop delaying this and jump into the 5 books that gave me the biggest hangovers.

Let me know in the comments which books gave you a hangover.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Hangover level: Apocalyptic. Need snacks, hugs and a nap every 15 minutes.

I mean it would be silly not to mention it because I still fangirl over this book. Everything goes nuts in the last 100 pages. Let’s just say that book three is going to be an insane adventure and I suspect quite literally a bloody mess. Secrets will be revealed, hearts will be broken, war will rage on and my fave crew will be dragged through hell and back. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they all survive – don’t pull the rug out from under me Maas!

My review     |     Goodreads

Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

Hangover level: Blackout. What just happened?

These twists are chilling. This book came to me at a time I needed it the most. I was deep in a reading slump and Only Daughter pulled me out. I loved the main character and all of the sub-characters had me guessing to the very end. This is creepy as fuck and when the twists are revealed, you’ll be squirming in your seat.

My review     |     Goodreads

A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab

Hangover level: False security. Woke up fine, an hour later on the floor.

Hands down still one of the best books I’ve read. This series is a thrill ride from start to end. The characters and the world are equally as dynamic and Schwab’s writing is sharp AF. I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhanger endings – as I’m sure everyone does – but this one hit me right where it hurts. I spent so long obsessing over this book.

My review     |     Goodreads

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Hangover level: Existential crisis. What is life. What are emotions. Why even bother.

You like emotional rollercoasters? Read this book. There is something inherently soulful about watching two people fall in love and what I really enjoyed about this book – and subsequently the movie – is that there is a journey that happens from the moment they meet to the moment they share their first kiss. I just want to give the finger to that ending though because while deep down I know it was the perfect wrap up, I am still mad as hell. Emotions wrecked.

My review     |     Goodreads

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Hangover level: Kamikaze. Do not come near me, I’m still processing.

Okay, so from the time I started reading this on the train to when I got to work, I was only 100 pages in…and so much had already happened! This was by far my favourite book in the series. I know that some people took issue that this didn’t stop at a trilogy but I loved every fucking minute of this messy, fiery, heartbreaking conclusion.

My review     |     Goodreads

4 thoughts on “[Chat] Bookish Hangovers

  1. abookishbelle says:

    This is amazing! My ACOMAF hangover was so real I couldn’t read or think about anything else for a good two weeks. Sometimes I’ll think about my babies in the night court and want to cry/reread every single scene with them in it. UGH LOVE IT. I just recently experienced a book hangover after reading The Hating Game! It was so cute and amazing I LOVED the characters! UGH I read it twice in one week IM SO WEAK!!!!


  2. NightGirl says:

    I didn’t actually read ACOMAF until quite a few months after it was released and I’m glad I waited. Or I probably wouldn’t have been able to read half the books I did last year. Because jfc the hangover was too real. It was so bad that I listened to it on audio for months afterwards because I just always needed it.


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