[Tag] 5 things about me


I’ve done a variation of this tag before, but since then I have acquired some wonderful new followers (thanks!) so thought it might be fun to revisit this with some new facts. Instead of only linking back to my old posts where you can find facts in blocks of four or ten, I thought I would shout out Jennifer F. Santucci’s blog. Jennifer is a stay-at home mum and an aspiring writer who posts some great content so be sure to give her a follow.

Now, lets dive into these facts.

1- I’ve joined the Fitbit cult. I am not the fittest or smallest person in the world but this year so far I have been really dedicated to my health. As such I have joined the Fitbit family and am spending more time keeping track of my journey. I know quite a few people like to do public posts about their path to healthy living but this is something I am doing for me so there will be no before and after side-by-sides or food diaries to bore you to death.

2 – I’m re-learning NZ sign language. – So I don’t have anyone in my immediate life who is deaf but I have always had a love for the language. I started learning this about two years ago but because quite a few people dropped out of the class, they were cancelled after just two terms. I am getting back into it now though and have been interacting with more and more people. When I was a teenager, I didn’t think I needed to learn about sign language and deaf culture because I was self-indulgent and lazy, but since going on this journey, I have been able to open up to some new and wonderful people. I really recommend picking it up if you are looking to learn something new.

3 – I saw Adele live and now I’ve realised I am doing nothing with my life. – I learnt recently that I am basically the same age as Adele and after watching her absolutely kill a live show, my friends and I had to admit that we were up to F all. This happens to me everytime I see someone in roughly my age range being a boss in their field while I am literally just trying to make it from A to B haha. Also if you are an Adele fan and get a chance to see her live, DO IT! She is worth your money and your time.

4 – I want to get back into the non-profit game – I have a standard 9 – 5 in a great business that I absolutely love, but in my heart or hearts my true passion is volunteering. I used to work for a prominent non-profit here in NZ and I adored the company, the people and the cause. The only reason I left was to get some new experience that I can take back into that world but I’ve fallen into contentment. Maybe next year?

5 – I sometimes dream that I am a ninja – Haha. If I fall asleep with my headphones in and some intense action scene background music starts playing, 9 times out of 10 I will have a badass dream where I am basically saving random people who have been kidnapped. Think Taken with me as Liam Neeson. So weird. So random. So amazing!

Hopefully you made it through this super long post and now know a little something new about me. Let me know in the comments one random fact about you, I’d love to learn some more about you all.


2 thoughts on “[Tag] 5 things about me

  1. Lacey says:

    I worked in non-profit, and while I supported the goal, having the position as my job was never ending. I mean the hours were insane. My bosses always said it was just the nature of the beast. Did you find that to be true or think it was my the specific one I was working for?

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    • mrenee says:

      I definitely get that. I was quite lucky that the position I was in was a strict 9-5 situation but I do know some of my colleagues had to work outside those hours as well. I guess it depends on what type of organisation it is and where your role is in that organisation. Like any job though, you don’t want to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

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