[Chat] 13 Reasons Why

I just need to know that everyone is watching this. I was a huge fan of the book when I picked it up a few years ago, but I never thought it would transfer so beautifully to screen. The performances by all of the cast are incredibly powerful and the message and tone are perfectly executed. I can’t recommend this show enough.

Are you watching it? Let me know your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “[Chat] 13 Reasons Why

  1. Angelica (TheBookCoverGirls) says:

    My friend an I finished this show in a weekend. We were obsessed! It’s such a good show! Kept me guessing and the surprises didn’t stop. I loved every second of it. Also the message was powerful and the performances were amazing. I totally recommend the show to everyone

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    • mrenee says:

      Oh there is definitely a difference as always but they are both equally as special. I am right there with you on being hooked. Went home from work yesterday and just carried my laptop around watching it as I did other stuff lol


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