[Quick Fire Review] Rock F*ck Club


I received a copy of this book for free via the authors publicist.

If you haven’t read the other rounds, my quick fire reviews are for books I read but either didn’t enjoy enough to write a complete review or I just don’t have enough to say about.

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4 out of 5 stars


This book was hilarious, sexy and absolutely fantastic. The premise of this book grabbed me instantly and I loved how Michelle Mankin really ran with it without making the story seem crass or contrite. One of my favourite parts is the bravado of main character Raven and her best friend Marsha. Together they are a fiery unit and I love how Marsha really encourages Raven to live outside her comfort zone.

Of course these books are all about the male love interest and my gosh is Lucky a killer addition to this story. Sweet, edgy and ripped AF, the British Rocker brings some awesome chemistry to the story and some much needed romantic drama.

Thanks for sending me a copy, I absolutely loved it. Highly recommend if you enjoy some smut.

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